pregnant Rachel + hart of dixie cast on set of season 4

He’s really nice and he loves my sister and they are adorable together.

- Rachel’s sister Hattie talking about Hayden

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hart of dixie by episode3x01 Who says you can’t go home

we all love Rachel’s style, am I right?) But it’s too pricey for the most of us to buy same items. Let’s watch 5 ideas of my beautiful subscriber Amanda how to achieve Rachel’s look for much less

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Seventeen Magazine [2008] Outtakes part 2

Seventeen Magazine [2008] outtakes part 1

Seventeen Magazine [2008] Outtakes part 3

Please never stop running your website. I really don't want to look for Rachel news on gossip sites where poor lifeless housewives flame about her :D

haha ok:)) I’m not planning on giving it up anytime soon.

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InStyle Magazine  [2010] outtakes part 3

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InStyle Magazine [2010] outtakes part 2